Cash loan – what documents will you need?

A loan for any purpose attracts a lot of attention to people who are interested in services that do not require many formalities. You don’t have to worry about filling out any forms or having to wait for a bank decision even for a few days.

Getting a cash loan seems easy to you, and extra money at your fingertips? A loan for any purpose attracts a lot of attention to people who are interested in services that do not require many formalities. You don’t have to worry about filling out any forms or having to wait for a bank decision even for a few days. Currently, all banks offering cash loans are able to issue an initial loan decision within a dozen or so minutes, and you can complete most of the formalities without leaving your home.

With our help, you can check what documents you will need when applying for a cash loan. This is valuable information that will allow you to access the money you need even faster.

You will not receive a cash loan without this document

The most important document, which is obligatorily required by all banks, of course, before the debt is granted, is an identity card that allows you to confirm the identity of the potential borrower. Based on the evidence, the bank can not only determine the borrower’s data, such as name, surname or address of residence, but also the date of birth, which in many cases may prove to be helpful. Remember that each bank has different conditions for issuing a credit decision. The institution may limit access to its offers, e.g. relative to the minimum and maximum age of the borrower.

Identity cards are useful at the beginning of the road to receiving a cash loan. When completing the loan application, you must provide basic information, including PESEL number, which is necessary in many cases to be able to prepare an initial offer for the borrower, in accordance with his financial capabilities.

Statement of earnings

Until recently, when applying for a cash loan, as well as any other debt in the bank, it was necessary to provide the institution with a document that could certify permanent employment and the amount of monthly income of the future borrower. For many customers, however, this was very problematic, and para banks’ services that allowed them to avoid additional formalities were more popular.

Currently, more and more banks are offering their clients access to cash loans based on personal earnings statements or personal account statements. A PIT loan may also be a great help, as it does not require an additional certificate from the employer, while the bank receives all the information needed to check the customer’s creditworthiness.

Despite numerous facilities, a statement of earnings is still one of the most important documents required when applying for a cash loan. This must be remembered especially by people who are counting on a loan of a higher value, which requires careful verification of the borrower.

A fixed income certificate allows you to calculate the borrower’s creditworthiness. On this basis, the bank can check that the selected loan amount is not too high and the borrower will be able to regularly repay the loan he is applying for.

You can check your creditworthiness yourself, on our website you will find a creditworthiness calculator that will allow you to quickly find out whether, when applying for a loan, you can easily count on a positive decision of the bank. It is a simple tool that will allow you to accurately calculate in a few minutes whether your income will allow you to settle the debt you need, all without leaving your home.

Cash loan application

Cash loan application

An application for a cash loan can also be treated as a document that is required by the bank before granting a financial commitment. Anyone interested in taking out a loan from a bank must complete an application that will allow you to check the customer’s details as well as verify his credit history and financial standing. After receiving the application, the bank will be able to prepare an initial offer and present it in person or by telephone with the applicant.

However, filling out and sending the application does not oblige to conclude the contract with the bank. However, it will help you speed up contact with a bank employee who will help you complete all the formalities if you actually think that the offer is so attractive that you want to use it.

Thanks to this, completing and submitting the form is very simple and does not require any greater commitment or dedication of a large amount of time, you can do everything without leaving your home in just a few minutes.

Cash loan – can you really count on fast cash withdrawals?

People who quickly decide to take a cash loan are often interested in receiving funds on the account in a sufficiently short time. A cash loan certainly provides much fewer formalities than a mortgage or even a car loan. The bank can, therefore, provide an offer that can compete even with para bank services that provide payday loans payable virtually on the spot.

Banks, although they are not able to withdraw funds to the borrower’s account immediately after the loan is granted, ensure that additional money will be transferred to the recipient within one day of the conclusion of the contract between the parties. This is a great help, especially for people who have experience with the services of banks, which require a lot more time and a number of complex formalities that are required from the applicant.

The simplification of the cash loan form, as well as the reduction of the borrower’s requirements, make the cash loan very popular.

Check your credit history before applying for a loan

Check your credit history before applying for a loan

In addition to verifying your identity and calculating your creditworthiness, the bank will also be interested in your credit history. As a customer, you don’t have to provide any documents related to your previous commitments yourself. The institution will use the report kept by the Credit Information Bureau.

The report provides very detailed information that is updated regularly every month. Thanks to this, the bank can quickly check whether you have any financial obligations, how they are repaid, and whether you have any problems sticking to the repayment schedule. BIK collects information, also from a few or even a dozen years ago, which means that the bank will actually know your entire credit history.

Do you want to make sure that the report allows you to enjoy access to the money you need so much? Check your BIK report for free. You will be sure that all information stored by BIK is true and you will be able to quickly determine if your history is burdened with negative entries, which could lead to the bank not willing to grant you an obligation.

Choose the best loan offer

Choose the best loan offer

Making a decision on a cash loan will be much easier, and at the same time more attractive, if you spend some time on a thorough comparison of at least some of the most interesting offers. The ranking of cash loans will allow you to quickly review the most important terms of the offers, including loans, as well as sample installments for the offer with values ​​that interest you. 

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