New trend: taking out a loan for cosmetic procedures

The purchase of credit talks about it and offers are constantly increasing in the market. Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice or simply to know if one is eligible for a grouping of consumer loans. However, this is a very effective operation for people whose financial situation is difficult due to underwriting too many loans. Before getting started and finding the best organization, performing an online simulation is an optimal tool.

The 2008 economic crisis has already been a decade behind us. After years of stagnating growth, repression and falling confidence in the economy, we are now seeing a revival in the market. Consumers again believe in their financial future and the financial future of the Netherlands. Consumer confidence has risen rapidly in recent years. People dare to make large expenses again and take out loans. The number of online loans that are taken out is also rising sharply. Borrowing money is gaining popularity.


Why do consumers take out loans?

consumers loan

Now that the economy is doing better and interest rates are more favorable, many people decide to borrow instead of paying off large expenses immediately. They have faith in the future, the banks and their own purchasing power. People are becoming more and more useful in viewing and comparing different loans online with different conditions and interest rates. Instead of paying for a major purchase immediately, they often take out a personal loan.


More often a personal loan for cosmetic procedures

surgery loan

This trend can also be seen in plastic surgery. According previously people often paid a large sum for a breast augmentation in one go, the number of personal loans for this type of intervention is now increasing. People compare interest rates and see the benefits of borrowing money instead of paying off their debt at once. Financing a breast enlargement becomes easier this way. There is no need to first save for the procedure.


The role of social media

credit loans

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram influence our beauty ideal. It is easy to compare our own body with that of others. Advertisements about cosmetic procedures and the ideal body also influence our views. As a result, plastic surgery and financing a breast augmentation with a personal loan may become more common. The connection does not have to be direct, but frequent contact with the body that is perfect in our eyes or with cosmetic procedures can influence our subconscious mind. It also helps to reduce the taboo surrounding plastic surgery.

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